QDSTTM, rapid tuberculosis Drug Susceptibility Testing

QDST is a rapid, phenotypic drug susceptibility testing system for tuberculosis. The system provides susceptibility test results for 15 drugs, including first and second line agents, in just a week, which can allow laboratories to shorten turnaround time by 3 to 5 weeks compared to the conventional test methods.

  • TB susceptibility results in 7 days
  • Random access with 120 sample capacity
  • Incubation for TB culture
  • Fully automated optical imaging to monitor bacterial growth
  • Algorithm based image analysis technology
  • S/R results based on critical concentration

QuantaMatrix's microbial diagnostics solutions are the first to be developed in Korea and have received the highest honors including the New Excellent Technology (NET) certification and new medical technology certification.

TB drug susceptibility test results in a week

QDST provides results of drug susceptibility test for tuberculosis in just 7 days. Compared to conventional test methods, which takes 4 to 6 weeks, QDST dramatically reduces time to results.

qdst tests

Treatment Decision Support

QMAC-DSTTM PLUS panel includes LNZ and Cs to help clinicians prescribe optimal treatment for patients with drug-resistance TB. Meanwhile, multi-concentration wells are available for INH, RIF, EMB, and Cs. High- and low-level resistance concentrations are provided in addition to the critical concentration, promoting better informed treatment decisions.


1 week

Turn-around Time
for TB DST

3 level safety system

Protect Users

120 samples

with Random Access



QMAC-DSTTM PLUS kit offers a QMAC-DSTTM PLUS Panel together with panel sealer. The panel accommodates 4 primary and 11 secondary anti-TB drugs with multiple concentrations. In addition to the agarose that immobilizes the TB bacteria, the panel cover and panel sealer serve to ensure user safety.

qdst kit

1st line drugs

2nd line drugs

3-level safety system

The safety of the user is of utmost importance because tuberculosis is carried in airborne particles. QMAC-DSTTM PLUS Panel has a total of three levels of safety as shown below to prevent samples from leaking during the testing process.

qdst kit step 1

Level 1

  • Immobilize TB bacteria in the agarose layer
qdst kit step 2

Level 2

  • Seal the panel with panel sealer to prevent leakage of sample
qdst kit step 3

Level 3

  • Lock the panel with the panel cover

Optional Accessories for QMAC-DSTTM PLUS kit

qdst plus kit

QM 7H9 Broth w/o OADC

  • Mix 7H9 broth with OADC
  • Load liquid media after Inoculation of TB bacteria
qdst plus kit 2

QM Agarose

  • Fix TB bacteria
qdst kit 3

QM Bead Tube

  • Pretreat TB bacteria

QDST Workflow


Prepare mixture of cultured tuberculosis bacteria and agarose for immobilization.

qdst workflow


Prepare mixture of cultured tuberculosis bacteria and agarose for immobilization.

qdst workflow 2


Prepared panel is automatically loaded into 120 plate loaders in QDST.

qdst workflow 3


Observation of bacterial growth and resistance to the drug within 7days through fully automated optical imaging.

qdst workflow 4


Susceptibility results are reporting using proprietary algorithm and database based on critical concentration.

qdst workflow 4

User-friendly interface

QDSTTM software utilizes a proprietary algorithm and database set to perform advanced drug susceptibility testing. Fully automated time-lapse imaging allows for highly precise measurement and calculation of micro-colony growth.

Easy and simple to use

  • 15 inch touch screen promotes convenience

Image Display

  • Cell growth images are illustrated alongside the control image for side-by-side comparison

Proprietary Algorithm

  • S/R determination is obtained through proprietary algorithm