QPLEXTM Alz plus assay

QPLEXTM Alz plus assay, Early diagnosis kit for Alzheimer's disease

QPLEXTM Alz plus assay quantitates multiple blood biomarkers simultaneously from a patient's plasma. The test employs the QMIA Microdisk-based platform along with a proprietary algorithm to detecting indirectly whether amyloid beta has accumulated. The results support early prediction of Alzheimer's disease before the onset of dementia.

Prevention dementia onset through early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s dementia

Amyloid beta begins to accumulate in the brain before symptoms of cognitive dysfunction appear. The accumulation of amyloid beta can be confirmed through amyloid PET images, but it is difficult to apply to symptomless at initial stage because of the disadvantages such as high cost, low accessibility, and risk of radiation exposure. QPLEXTM Alz plus assay is a test that can measure the accumulation of amyloid beta in the brain before cognitive impairment and can be widely used for early prediction of Alzheimer's disease.


QPLEXTM Alz plus assay simultaneously detects multiple biomarkers. The test has higher diagnostic accuracy than a single marker test. In addition, it uses blood samples instead of for example cerebral spinal fluid obtained via spinal tab, so the patient's reluctance for sample collection is relatively low. The test can also reduce the burden of medical expenses for patients compared to conventional amyloid PET testing methods.

Large amount of
dementia cohort data base

Application of
4 biomarkers

Using blood samples
instead of cerebrospinal fluid

Medical cost
reduction effect

Algorithm-based risk prediction

QPLEXTM Alz plus assay measures four types of biomarkers and then predicts the risk through a proprietary prediction algorithm. The test provides more accurate results than a single marker measurement.

QMIATM, an immunoassay automation system

QPLEXTM Alz plus assay tests are performed on QMIA, an automated immune diagnostic device. QMIA is a fully automated sample-to-answer method that automatically performs all test procedures after sample loading. It is a high-throughput device that can get results for 96 samples in one operation depending on the sort of kits.

  • Sample-to-answer multiplex diagnostic automation system using MicrodiskTM
  • Flexible adaptability to various inspection protocols
  • Max. 96 samples per operation (1~4 hours TAT)
  • Dispensing protocol optimized for multi-markers
  • User friendly software interface