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Exhibition at the 39th RICAI symposium

Paris, France


[Exhibition at the 39th RICAI symposium]

QuantaMatrix Europe (QMEU) exhibited at Réunion Interdisciplinaire de Chimiothérapie Anti-Infectieuse (RICAI) which was held in Paris, France from 16-17 December 2019. RICAI is gearing toward interchanges between scholars from such multidisciplinary fields as bacterial science, virology, parasitology, and microbiology. There were 50 exhibitors in RICAI 2019 including global diagnostics companies. QMEU built a strong bond with prospective customers while promoting a direct and rapid antimicrobial susceptibility test (dRAST) system. The symposium was a meaningful event for QuantaMatrix to deliver the clinical value of dRAST, since treating sepsis requires involvement from various disciplines including laboratory medicine, infectious disease medicine, and pulmonary medicine.

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