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Paris, France


[ECCMID 2020]

All events at ECCMID, one of the world's top three microbiological societies, have been canceled under the influence of COVID-19 that hit the world this year. QuantaMatrix was planning not only to attend the booth at ECCMID 2020, but also to have our user meeting, agency meeting, and poster presentation, which gives us more frustration than ever. We hope unveiling various booth designs that were prepared for this significant event could soothe the regretful feeling.

Our booth was prepared with Axon Lab, one of our European agencies, to further enhance our interface with customers in Europe. Design-wise, we have put a lot of effort into aesthetic portrayals of the innovation and sophistication of the technology of QuantaMatrix. We look forward to the day when the global epidemic of COVID-19 will end as soon as possible so that we can actively promote our products around the world.  

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