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Agreement on Collection and Use of Personal Information (Required) here

QuantaMatrix Inc. (“Company”) collects the following personal information from users when they sign up for the first time or use the service. The user has the right to decline the collection and use of personal information other than the minimum information required when agreeing to this personal information collection and utilization agreement. For more information on handling personal information, please refer to the ‘Privacy Policy’ published on our website. However, the contents of this Agreement shall prevail if there is any conflict with the contents of this Agreement.

Article 1 (Collected items of personal information)

① Personal information required for membership is the member’s name, agency’s name, address, email address, country information, password, password security questions and answers.

② This is the minimum personal information required to provide the service, so one needs to agree to use the service.

Article 2 (Purposes of collection and use of personal Information)

① Prevent fraudulent use by identifying users.

② Handle customer complaints including customer grievances.

③ Improve existing services or to develop, market, or advertise new services.

i. Customer satisfaction survey, product/service development research, and new service research/development/specialization.

ii. Provide marketing information such as events/promotions, analyze members’ purchases of products and use of services, and identify statistical services and frequency of access.

Article 3 (Period of use and retention of personal information)

① In principle, users’ personal information is destroyed without delay when the purpose of personal information collection and utilization is achieved. However, if the company needs to keep personal information in accordance with its internal policies and the provisions of the relevant statutes, it may retain personal information as prescribed by the relevant statutes.

Article 4 (Consent to collection and use of personal information)

① The user may refuse to agree to the collection and use of personal information, but the above information is necessary for the service provision. If the user refuses the consent, there may be restrictions on membership and use of some services.

Terms of Service (Required) here

Chapter 1 General

Article 1 (Purpose)

This agreement aims to define the conditions and procedures and other necessary matters concerning the use of the product information page (“Product Page”) of QuantaMatrix Inc. (“QuantaMatrix”).

Article 2 (Effect and changes of the terms and conditions)

① This agreement shall take effect by posting and disclosing when one is registered on the “Product Page.”

② “QuantaMatrix” may change this agreement in the event of a reasonable reason, and if the terms and conditions are changed, it shall be disclosed on the QuantaMatrix website without delay.

③ “User” may suspend service use and terminate the service contract at any time if one does not agree to the changed terms and conditions.

Article 3 (Definition)

The terms used in this agreement are defined as follows.

① “Product Page”: A page that contains product information in the homepage, and refers to a page that can be accessed only after logging in.

② “User”: A person who has obtained membership approval from QuantaMatrix after applying for membership to use the website.

③ “Services Agreement”: Refers to the contract concluded between the QuantaMatrix and the user with these terms and conditions to access the Product Page.

④ “Product Sales Agent”: Employees belonging to the distributor of QuantaMatrix, who performs Sales/Clinical Education/AS service functions.

Chapter 2 Services Agreement

Article 4 (Establishment of Services Agreement)

① The Services Agreement is established by the consent of the membership of the user by QuantaMatrix.

② When a User files an application for service use pursuant to paragraph (1), he/she shall submit the items requested by QuantaMatrix in an electronic manner (compiling an application form for membership on the website of QuantaMatrix).

Article 5 (Application for use)

① Anyone who wants to use the Product Page must fill in registration form which is specified on the homepage by QuantaMatrix.

② The registration for Product Page is only open to those who are equal to or older than 14 years old.

Article 6 (Deferment or refusal of acceptance of a Service Agreement)

① QuantaMatrix may suspend or decline the acceptance of the Service Agreement in any of the following cases:

The applicant is not an employee of QuantaMatrix, a Product Sales Agent, a client who has purchased and used the product of QuantaMatrix, or a potential client planning to purchase the product in the future.
If the applicant is not equal to or older than 14 years old.
When an application is made using another person’s name.
In the case falsely stating the contents of the application for the contract for use.
In the case that it is deemed that the reservation or rejection of consent is necessary for the efficient operation of the Product Page.

Chapter 3 Use of Service

Article 7 (Login information, etc.)

① All administrative responsibilities for all relevant information used to log in shall lie with User.

② Unless there is a clear reason, the User cannot share the ID, password and password security questions and answers used to log into the Product Page to third parties.

③ The User shall be responsible for any negligence in use caused by the ID assigned to the User or fraudulent use by a third party.

Article 8 (Restrictions on use of service and termination of use contract)

① When User intends to terminate the contract for using Product Page, (s)he shall apply for cancellation to QuantaMatrix online.

② QuantaMatrix may terminate the Services Agreement or suspend all or parts of the service without prior notice if the User falls under any of the following:

Commercial use of information obtained using the Product Page without the consent of the QuantaMatrix, even if the person is not an employee of the QuantaMatrix or a Product Sales Agent.
If User do not log in to the Product Page for a certain period of time or do not agree to the use of personal information collection.

Article 9 (Privacy Protection)

① QuantaMatrix must protect the personal information provided during the registration process or during the use of the service in accordance with relevant laws and regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Act.

② A User can withdraw his/her consent to the collection and use of personal information at any time by terminating the Services Agreement. One can withdraw membership to terminate the Service Agreement directly from my page after logging in to the website.

Article 10 (Obligations of User)

① When using the service, the User must not perform any of the following actions.

Providing Product Page login information to third parties.
The act of commercially using information obtained using the Product Page without the consent of QuantaMatrix, even though one is not an employee of QuantaMatrix or Product Sales Agent.
Using the information obtained from the Product Page to infringe the intellectual property rights of QuantaMatrix.

Chapter 4 Copyright

Article 11 (Rights to published data)

① All rights to the materials on the Product Page is reserved by QuantaMatrix.

② No user can change or modify the data posted on the Product Page without prior consent from QuantaMatrix.