dRAST is the only direct from positive blood culture, phenotypic, antibiotic sensitivity test system that generates 12 results

dRAST™ is a rapid AST platform and can identify optimal antimicrobial after

a positive blood culture, while other conventional systems take 2-3 days.


Reliable and efficient integration with most laboratory Information Systems


Random access function for urgent samples 


Flexible platform with enhanced workflows to save time for the lab technician 

Minimal hands on time to operate

Fully integrated and automated with touch screen user interface

Direct rapid AST platform reporting optimal antibiotics with MIC from positive blood culture


No sub-culture needed from positive blood culture

No McFarland for inoculum



dRAST™ helps save the lives of many who suffer from life-threatening infectious diseases by providing antimicrobial susceptibility results 2 days faster than conventional methods

dRAST from PBC

Blood culture




Conventional AST

Blood culture


1 day

2 day

3 day

Fully automated, random access with 12 samples capacity

  • Ready to use reagents

  • Samples automatically dispensed into agarose with growth media

  • Microscopic optics  to check cell growth via time-lapse imaging

  • Temperature controlled system for incubation

  • Susceptibility results reported using proprietary algorithm and database

Experience the power of dRAST’s random access capability and improve your laboratory turn-around-time

Fully automated incubating, imaging, analysis

Gram Positive / Gram Negative panels for positive blood culture

Patented 96 wells plate

with dried antibiotics

High sample capacity

  • Runs up to 12 positive blood culture samples with full random access

Direct observation of bacteria cell

  • AST directly from positive blood culture samples using our patented microfluidic agarose channel chip

User friendly system

  • Embedded PC with touch screen

  • Robust and accurate image processing algorithm

  • Automated MIC and SIR interpretation

  • Simple load of aliquot from positive blood culture

Reporting susceptibility by proprietary algorithm and database

  • Automated image processing for growth measurement

  • S I R(Susceptible, Intermediate, and Resistant) determination based on database and expert rules

Less loading more efficiency

By eliminating requirement for sub-cultures, dRAST improves your lab efficiency by reducing TAT for Antibiotic Susceptibility testing

No sub-culture

dRAST system does not require turbidity measurements

No McFarland


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