Multiplex bead assay platform is for

Molecular, Immuno Diagnostics


QuantaMatrix Multiplex Assay Platform


The QMAP is a bench top, automated multiplexing Microdisk reader.

Significant cost savings on reagents and consumables when compared to single-plex analysis.

QMAP cartridge  contain thousands of Microdisk in each well, each 

Microdisk is to catch a particular sample only selectively, depending on the application.

Automated bright field and fluorescent imaging system

- Advanced image processing algorithm for decoding micro    

  graphical code

- Flexible and easy to adapt new applications

Advantage of QMAP multiplex testing

Less sample

Analysis of difficult

to obtain samples

Less cost

Significant cost savings on

reagents and consumables when compared to single-plex analysis

More data

Increase diagnostic yield

as multiple targets are

tested in one sample

Save time

Reduce hands-on-time

and total TAT

Less maintenance

Calibration process is

very simple and maintenance

cost is close to zero

Fully automated assay system


QMX is a fully automated Microdisk analyzer which can perform a variety of different target tests on one sample

QMX offers complete automation of multiplexing assay without a manual process

Up to 1000plex

3.5 - 4 hours (kit dependent)

96 sample per run

Dedicated microcell plate format

  • Automated preparation of samples

  • Automated washing & staining (Hybridization / Incubation)

  • Sample dilution

  • Reagent dispensing

  • Interpretation of results

  • Work list importing and exporting

QMX™ allows bi-directional host communication and on-line connection for data management and reporting


The user can easily manipulate test method input and implemented the user friendly environment by using the intuitive graphic screen.


After the Amplicon load, you can implement a true walkaway that you have not experienced before, and you can easily change the test menu.


You can test up to 96 tests at one time without any limit on the quantity to be tested. The benchtop size allows you to flexibly extend to many test environments.


Test results can be easily export and designed to meet any LIMS environment.


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